Mici Povestioare


Dupa ce am baut o cana de cei de mere si sortisoara:X si am mancat 4 biscuiti cu mere si scortisoara, am instalat  Open Office-ul  si m-am holbat pe micie mere povestioare scrise iarna trecuta:)) here u are the first:P

It has been one month! ONE MONTH for crying out loud! I read again the invitation.

“Mr. John Nicholas and Ms. Anne-Marie Crumble are glade to invite you at the union ceremony of their souls.”

It can’t be true! He’s making fun of me. I try not to cry, but my eyes are already filled with tears. I pick up the phone and dial Lizzie’s number. She is the only sane human being I know. It rings and it rings and it still rings…God! I can’t find her when I need her!

You know, what’s bothering me? Not that he moved on, but the fact that he has done that in only ONE MONTH! I still whip after him from time to time…But that stays between us.

Lizzie’s ring-tone is feeling the room. I grab the phone and I answer it very quick.. “Hey, Sophie! What’s up?”, she says with a scared tone, “ You sounded freaked-out.”

“ Well, I am! You have to come here, so I will show it to you and you won’t think that I am crazy!”

“ What are you talking about? Did you kill someone? Because you know that I will stand up for you no metter what….”

“ No, stupid! You have to come here and see it with your own eyes!”, I start to think that Angelo (the guy that Lizzie is dating) is brain-washing her, she doesn’t listen to me like she used to.

After 5 minutes somebody is knocking at my door so hard that I couldn’t hear my thoughts about ruining John’s happy wedding. I just scream “It’s open! Why did it take you so long? You’re apartment is next to mine.” I turn around and I have the shock of my life (besides the one in this morning with the wedding)! John and Anne-Marie are standing in front of the door. John looks shocked, but Anne looks disgusted. In this moment I would pull her head of and play soccer with it, if I weren’t so shocked and frustrated in the same time.

“Umm…I thought you were Lizzie. Hi!” I say trying not to look nervous and play it cool….you know …like I passed THE moment.

“Hi!” he says with a calm voice. He looks like he is alright, but his eyes betray him. “I came here….I mean we came here to see you. We thought we should pay you a visit.”

“Ohh, that’s nice! But I’m doing just fine. In fact I was expecting Liz, so we would go shopping. But I think I can make some time for you.”

“That’s so nice of you.” says Anne with a fake smile as usual. I return her smile and invite them to sit down.

“So. I don’t think you came all this way just to see me.”

“I knew you were a smart girl, you always figure it out.” I try not to look bored and keep listening to his explication. “We are here to ask you, if…. you….if you want to be the made of honor.”

I am shocked. I was so close to say no. But I couldn’t, because they will think that I didn’t passed the faze. I have to say “no”! No matter what. That’s what I want to say, but it comes out:

“Of course! I would be delighted.” OMG! No I don’t want to go like a made of honor. Not even as a guest. Nooooooo!

Somebody rings at my door and knocks with power. Saved by the bell! I go and answer the door as fast as I can. It’s my dearest friend Lizzie. She looks in a rush and opens her mouth to invent an excuse…but I have to tell her what happened, so she would save me.

“Aaah….Liz?…You know, John and his bride are here. You have to help me get rid of them!” she is looking strange at me. She can’t understand what’s the connection. WHAT BRIDE?

“Ok. But you ow me.” she answers with a smile on her face.

We go to the living room. John is kissing Anne. GOD! This is so not my day! Liz looks at me to check, if I’m still living. They stop when they see us looking awkward at them and try not to piuck. He is staring at Liz. For one second I don’t understand why. God, I told him we’ll go shopping and she is wearing a T-shirt from the ’80s and a pair of old jeans and converse. Ok it isn’t as bad as it looks like. I have to break the ice so I start with:

“Ohh! Look how late it is! we have to get dressed.” and I punch Lizzie subtle.

“Oh, yes we have to go. Maybe we’ll chat later. Now we have to get ready. Bye!” she says that so quick that nobody understood. But every body got the idea.

“Right…. We have to go to a restaurant to meet with some friends. Anne-Marie is going to e-mail you the date when you’ll meet for the rehearsals and to choose the dress and other stuff.” he approaches to my face and for one second our mouths and lips were so close that I could feel his warm breath. He kisses me on the chick and goes saying bye. I was to sad to talk so I let Liz do all the talking and gossiping about stars and other stupid things. She knows that I’m not paying any attention at what she is saying, but she lets me with my thoughts so I wouldn’t break in tears when I talk to her. But she stops from all that talking. She looks at me and tries to see if I’m ok. Because I didn’t said a word all the morning.

“ Look, I think is the time to tell me what happened.” she says with a serious look on her face.

“Well..” I try to explain without breaking in tears. “I got this letter in this morning” and I show her the letter. Lizzie’s eyes get bigger and bigger as she finishes to read the last paragraph. She pulls out her eyes from the peach color paper. She stares at me for 2 seconds when she finally realises that I started to laugh. She is amazed.

“What are you doing?” she questions with a stoned face. I couldn’t stop laughing. And then I say:

“Isn’t that funny? We only broke up 1 month ago and he already got engaged and he is going to have a wedding in 2 months. Ha ha ha!” I start to laugh louder and louder. My hysterical laugh fills the room. I continue: “And when I thought it couldn’t be worse he comes here with his stupid wife and has the nerve to ask me if I want to come at his wedding as the bride OF HONOR.” and from my stupid annoying laugh I turn into a sea of tears. I sit down on the sofa and put my head on Lizzie’s shoulder. She starts to run her hand through my hair. I calm down and take a deep breath. We stay like this for 2 minutes. When Liz brakes the silence.

“Did you take a whip from the old whine that I gave you at your 24 th birthday?”. Not that now I’m 24……in fact I’m 25. I blush and answer.

“Maybe. But if I did… I did it only for moral support.” and we both start to laugh. The rest of the day I spend it watching TV and soaps and eating popcorn. I was to tired to do stuff for work. I am testing stuff like lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara and all that stuff that we (girls) use everyday. I work at a makeup agency, you probably heard of it, Hard Candy Grrrl. I love my job is the best in the world. My makeup sets are bigger then you’ve ever seen. It’s full of lipsticks, mascara and other things (all are from my agency because they are free and they are great stuff).

I fall asleep on my red feng-shui sofa and Lizzie’s feet are in my face. All that popcorn and whine weren’t a good combination. My stomach is complaining and wants an aspirin. The sun is penetrating my window and is playing on my chick and up to my eyes. Is like somebody is touching gently my chick. It was warm and…. BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Oh! Shit! It’s my alarm. I stretch my hand and reach for my mobile phone. I turn my alarm off and turn on my phone. Lizzie has no problem. She is still snoring and dreaming about her love Angelo. He is an Italian guy and I have to say that he is good looking and all that stuff. She really loves him and he loves her too. They are so lovely together. I wish I will meet a nice guy like him too.

As in every morning my hear has no volume and I have circles round my eyes. I take a shower and try to blow my hair with my head down, but no effects. It stays like it wants. Extremely flat! God! I put on a lot of dark ring corrector Light Candy. I go to my bedroom and take out from my drawer the sexiest pink bra and matching panties. Then, I put a T-shirt with “Funky Monkey” from Zara a pair of jeans ( please remark the fact that I don’t wear skinny jeans… I would like to, but I’m pudgy and I wouldn’t look good in them + I don’t think they’ll fit me) and a pair of converse. I don’t like to wear smart suits or stuff like that, I just like casual teen. I know that I’m not a teenager anymore, but I like this kind of dressing. I put on some gloss and get out of the apartment.Va placut? Ei bine… asta am scris-o cand aveam 14 ani:D haha sunt dusa.. you like it?


7 Responses to “Mici Povestioare”

  1. 1 Mada

    woah, dude, e geniala! eu nu cred ca reuseam sa leg 3 propozitii! 😆

  2. :)).de acord,mada nu ar fi putut sa lege 2 prop.:))

  3. 😀 haha foarte tarwe asta:P pai nu reuseai pt ca esti prea indragostita:P

  4. 4 Mada

    eek eek! :))

  5. heey asat am spus si eu:P maah:)) cum de numai razi la faza cu irina cu fata de irina:P?

  6. 6 mika.

    genial !
    ..ma, ai grija la verbe si la timpuri. :))

  7. eeeh asat se inatmpla cand imbatranesti:))

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